Benefits for JIC STARCUBE 2016 participants

Hard work deserves reward. For 3 months, start-ups in the JIC STARCUBE programme do not stop, not even for a moment. Therefore, in cooperation with our partners, we have prepared an appropriate “package” of benefits.

This year we are opening the 8th run of the JIC STARCUBE accelerator for 10 technology start-ups from around the world. An intensive 3-month programme is waiting for the teams, as is also, access to benefits from our partners. This year their total value exceeds 240 thousand dollars.

And we still have not included the more than 1 000 benefits with a total value of almost 650 thousand dollars, which start-ups gain through registering via the portal. This is a precondition for registering for the JIC STARCUBE 2016.

Check out what benefits are just waiting for your start-up.

IBM is offering services for developers

IBM provides participants in the JIC STARCUBE software for development or internal uses for 3 years free. If you are interested in cloud services, you can choose between theSoftlayer and Bluemix services. 

Both are free for a year, up to a financial limit of $120 thousand.

Get access to every Microsoft software

Microsoft also supports promising start-ups. It offers 3-year membership in the programmes BizSpark or BizSpark Plus, through which members have access to all software from Microsoft for free. In addition BizSpark is connected plugged into the network partners programme,comprised of investors and advisers, and more visible on the IT market.

Microsoft provides credit up to the value of $120 thousand for Microsoft Azure - exlusively for JIC STARCUBE startups.

Plan for free with the LEAN canvas tool

A business plan is essential. Leanstack knows this, and therefore it is offering new entrepreneurs its application LEAN canvas for three months free of charge.

This useful tool is handy for creating simple business plans, which will serve as a good basis for creating a start-up pitch even when dealing with investors.

Create surveys with the Survio Personal application

You have a new website and you want to know how users like it? You have launched a new product on the market and you want to know what customers think of it. Ask them!

Teams in the JIC STARCUBE receive free for 6 months the Survio Personal online application for the creation and dissemination of online questionnaires.

Communicate with your customers using SmartSupp

SmartSupp is a live chat application which can be used to obtain feedback and as a simple form of customer hotline. An interesting feature is its tracking of customer movements during web assistance video recording.

Participants in the JIC STARCUBE have the application free for a year.   

Create (not only) a landing page with Unbounce

A system for creating and publishing efficient web pages, Unbounce allows efficient and effective A/B testing. Start-ups use it primarily for creating simple landing pages for campaigns or market research.

Unbounce is available for 4 months at an 80 % discount.

Discover the package of benefits from Amazon Web Services

All of the teams in the JIC STARCUBE accelerator get $5,000 credit for the use of Amazon Web Services, which has a validity of 2 years. In addition, you can visit for free the one-day seminarAWS Essentials (original price $600) and the courseAWS Technical Professional Accreditation. This gets you 8 tokens to theSelf-paced labs, the original price of which is $30 per token.

The offer does not end there – the package of benefits also includes free consultation with Amazon Web Service experts and the premium AWS Business Support for 1 year free.

In addition, through using Amazon Web Services, teams receive further benefits from Amazon partner companies such as Chef, Bitnami, Amazon Payments, SOASTA, Podio or CopperEgg.