Become a company with no papers. There are suitable application which can help you


All offices in the world have one thing in common: paper. It is still an inherent part of any organization, despite all the technical achievements of the 21st century. According to, an average employee uses 10 000 papers per year, so if the company has one hundred office workers, it is a million papers per year. However, there is a solution which can reduce the office costs and help the environment. It is called "paperless office".

Current statistics

Kefron company defines paperless office as a workplace, which functions without using any paper at all or considerably reduces its usage. The concept of so called paperless office was created in 1978, but there is still only very low number of organizations, which managed to at least partially get close to this paperless vision.  However, companies are undeniably interested in how to reduce the paper use: 86% of respondents in  Kefron company survey agreed with statement that a digital solution would increase their work productivity, 79% marked it as more comfortable and easier to maintain. So, what's the catch? In the same survey, 70% of respondents stated that the biggest obstacle in reducing the paper is the legal obligation to collect certain data also in their physical form (survey was done in European as well as in American organizations), while only 20% of them mentioned the extra costs for getting the digital solution as a problem.

Business opportunities

The interest in paperless offices is going to grow, for instance, Dan Novák from Xerox confirms that with following data: in 2013, the use of paper in the Czech Republic was 3.5 thousand tons lower than in 2012. The ongoing decrease trend in office paper consumption is confirmed also by pages Idnes or As Dominic Keogh points out, a digital solution, which would replace traditional papers, will become necessary for every organization in order to maintain their competitiveness. He says that such a high level of organization's digital advancement contributes to higher work productivity and customer satisfaction. It means that there are many business opportunities for those who can come up with a clever solution how to get rid of papers completely or how to significantly reduce their use. 

Startups, which went for it

One example of company, which offers an option to reduce the amount of used papers for small businesses, is Yintran from China. The businessmen can avoid unnecessary writing of paper receipts or cheques by using a cell phone application or web. A Belgian company Paperless-office also offers reduction of papers; with their application, you can access your paperless office anywhere and anytime directly from your cell phone or computer. Do you need to store some receipt? Just take a picture of it and the application will save it in the system. Another company focusing on the paperless form is One Paper Lane, which promises that their application will set you free of any pen or pencil forever. You can store all the important documents in one place and if you need somebody to sign or fill them, you just send them the link.

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Paperless office is one of this year's JIC STARCUBE topics. JIC STARCUBE is the oldest Czech accelerator. Startups can sign up for this accelerator until 7 August 2016. Since 2010, there are 72 startups, which joined the JIC STARCUBE. The startup teams participate in three months full of knowledge, workshops, meeting with mentors and connecting to the global technological companies. They acquire advantages and financial support for testing and prototyping, legal or tax services, marketing and covering their travel and accommodation expenses. Some of the successful companies, which once were a part of this accelerator, are for example GINAReservio or one of the fastest growing startups, Kiwi (former Skypicker). Partners for 2016 are Honeywell, Microsoft, AVG, Konica Minolta, Y Soft. You can find more information about the accelerator at our webpage.