Brno companies united against coronavirus

Offering help against hackers, an app for paramedics, care for seniors as well as morning exercise

Last update on April 16, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has paralysed most regions all over the world; some have already made it through the peak while others still await the worst of it. Regardless, the impact will be felt across the entire world. On the other hand, huge challenges like these often significantly speed up innovations.

It's no coincidence that Israel is the best when it comes to innovations. The lack of water and the need to ensure safety in the region are essential for this country on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Handling these two issues is imperative for Israel’s survival. And what better place to find solutions than in innovation? This may also be why the researchers from Israel are very close to finding the vaccine for this new type of coronavirus.

Times like these also reveal how advanced a society is and the true character of its companies. Several clients of JIC have decided to help; find out who they are and how they are contributing.


Car sharing provider AJO is offering its customers trips for 0 CZK/hour. This rate is valid Monday through Friday, from 10 am to 2 pm. The only requirement is that they travel at least 10 km for each hour the car is booked for.

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Microsoft has developed the Crisis Communication app for Office 365, designed for internal communication of companies during crises. This user-friendly app interconnects employees and informs them about key measures taken by the company. Need help installing it? The specialists from Bi4 are ready to consult and walk you through the app for free.

Contact:, phone: 511 156 346


Startup BringAuto is getting ready to offer two sets of brand new remote-controlled Roboautos. It can quickly modify them for various transportation vehicles/robots and has built a remote-control centre. “We’ve been looking for areas even outside of healthcare where our autonomous vehicles/robots can help. All this for free! We just want to help,” adds Jan Najvárek. Together with TPC Industry, the company has been developing a robotic platform to spray disinfectant (Sprayer model). The prototype of the whole robot with disinfection extension should be finished by June 2020 at the latest, and will be controlled manually but it’s likely that it will also work in a semi-autonomous mode.

Contact:, 605 250 801


How to help reduce the slump in the building industry? Well, how about simplifying the purchasing process of building materials and related logistics? Buildiro provides a system on the same principle as the Rohlí delivery service, enabling you to buy online and have the materials delivered right to the construction site. Building supply shops and other shops selling similar materials can use this app to keep sales up and reduce negative economic impact. 


In cooperation with Petr Bartoň, lead economist of the Natland financial group, this Czech company created a well-arranged map of the world showing the numbers of infected and cured people, victims of this new coronavirus as well as its economic impacts.

CleverMaps map

Corpis Maps

T-Mapy has prepared a map app for the COVID-19 pandemic for journalists and data analysts. Unlike other projects, this map provides an analytical perspective; using various filters to display only regions/countries that meet specific conditions. The map was built using Corpis Maps analytical map technology.

Corpis Maps map


Adamov-based EK-INDUSTRY is supporting the production of protective shields for doctors and medical staff in our FabLab. Some of the shields are used in grocery stores and by police, firemen, social services workers, medical staff, pharmacists, and others from Adamov who are endangered by the virus.

Elisabeth Pharmacon

The scientists from Elisabeth Pharmacon research labs were the first to finish development of certified tests for COVID-19. This company from Brno is the first official Czech producer of medical aids to come up with a set like this. It takes 90 minutes to analyse the tests and can be used by most regular laboratory devices.

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In addition to aviation and prototype automobile interiors, Evektor started to sew face masks as well. Initially just for their engineers, they eventually expanded production to include their families, and policemen in Zlín. Lately, the company has been asking people to recommend other organizations and institutions that would appreciate more face masks.

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Every morning and late afternoon, instructors from the Fit PainFree exercise method broadcast short, free online exercise videos through Facebook.


FlowUp from Brno specializes in the development of cloud solutions and migrations and has been offering help with software, scaling, performance, and optimization of infrastructures and other areas to all the companies facing difficulties in this exceptional situation.

Contact:, phone: 731 578 858 

GINA software

This map application created by a Brno startup allows rescue teams to navigate and communicate with each other during missions. In a unified map, they can see their current location and gain information about traffic and their routes which allows them to get to their destination safely and more quickly. The app could help them interconnect the data of main security forces in a single shared map. And this is what its CEO Zbyněk Poulíček is offering.

Contact:, phone: 720 730 830


Business is on hold for now, so GREYCORTEX is offering free instant cybersecurity assistance, mainly for Czech hospitals. According to its CEO Petr Chaloupka, the company is ready to cooperate directly with hospital management/founders as well as the National Security Authority (NBÚ), National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NÚKIB), National Agency for Communication and Information Technologies (NAKIT), and other security forces of our country.

Contact:,, phone: 724 634 755


GRiT is offering help to all the companies facing difficulties approving their invoices due to the current situation. Its tool which digitizes the invoice approval process is now available for free. This allows employees to take care of the entire process while staying safe and at home. The system is called iNVOiCE FLOW LITE and is ready for activation at

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Petr Bouchal opened a mobile tent hotel called GPtents with a capacity of 500 beds in 250 tents. Now, this capacity is now available for use as a mobile tent hospital, including flush toilets, showers with hot water, and refreshments – all in exchange for covering operating costs.

Contact:, phone: 779 970 256


Iresoft is one of the main forces behind the initiative. Its aim is to ensure and distribute desperately needed materials to those taking care of our seniors, the most endangered among us. Quantities of such materials change quickly, so if you have some necessary material or can help financially, this initiative is a great place to contribute. The project is running under the auspices of the Association of Social Care Providers of the Czech Republic (Asociace poskytovatelů sociálních služeb ČR).

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MachineLOG IT

For the Brothers of Charity Hospital in Brno (Nemocnice Milosrdných bratří), MachineLOG IT has developed an app named COVID-19 that is providing information related to the pandemic, its symptoms, prevention, and other important details. To the iOS users, the app also offers related local and global news as well as updated statistics concerning the disease, again both local and global. It also contains a well-arranged map that users can use to display information about any country in the world.


MapTiler incubated in the ESA BIC Brno has joined forces with Berliner Morgenpost to create an interactive coronavirus map

MapTiler map


Lingea is currently offering the first part of its new online education project for teaching four foreign languages for free! At, teachers as well as students can find practical textbooks for home study, including pronunciation recordings for dialogs as well as a number of articles, phrases, vocabulary, grammar, and a lot of interactive exercises. In addition to the textbooks, other linguistic sources, such as Grammar, Conversations, and Pronunciation, are now available.

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Is working from home leaving you missing everyday contact with your colleagues in the offices? Lumeer is here to help! A simple visual tool for project and team management, fully customizable to your needs. You can start with a template for working from home – signup is easy and commitment-free. On top of that, they are currently offering 6-month licenses at no cost – just share a short feedback survey with them.

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Plastia from Nové Veselí is a producer of self-watering flower boxes and pots as well as other essentials for your household and garden. Right now they have shifted production to provide for filaments for 3D printing of protective shields. Every day, workers in two shifts manufacture around 16 kilograms of filament, which is enough to produce around 300 holders for protective shields. The company donated one to our FabLab digital workshop which is busy producing the protective shields.

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Purple Technologies

The Purple Foundation fund has been supporting charity and education since its establishment in 2018. Now it is focusing on the current impacts of the pandemic on the most at-risk groups. Feel free to recommend non-profit organizations the Purple Foundation fund can support financially to make their fight against coronavirus easier.



In order to prevent the coronavirus pandemic from spreading in testing facilities, the Czech Red Cross decided to use the Reservio booking system to reduce the likelihood of transmitting the virus from the infected to the healthy. In addition to the Czech Red Cross, hospitals will also use the system in a similar way. The Reservio booking system was created in Brno and is used in 120 countries all over the world, with over 200 thousand companies and organizations enjoying its services. Also, Reservio has launched its Spolu to zvládneme! (Together we’ll make it!) service to mainly help providers of services to survive the difficult period during which they receive no income. Through the portal, you can prepay for someone’s services and claim them later once restrictions are lifted.

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Lots of companies have shut down their offices and asked all their employees to work from home. Currently, most Czech companies have had their employees working from home for up to several weeks. According to the experience of Petr Žikeš from Safetica, however, most companies aren’t prepared enough for these measures, which is why Safetica has prepared a document providing information on how to connect the company and employees working from home, why to connect via VPN, how to correctly route data out of the company and back, and how to safely work with a device used by the whole family.

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Salmondo is an online (e-learning) app supporting career counselling and helping students choose suitable study programs and professional careers. It includes a number of modules with three main themes: getting to know yourself, planning, and motivation. The content of the modules was prepared in cooperation with experts from the world of sciences, some of whom were psychologists from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The first version of the app is designed for elementary schools, and the second for secondary schools. Classes can incorporate the app directly into the work they do, as it deals with some topics from the school curriculum (e.g. The Man and the World of Work at elementary schools or various topics from Social Sciences at secondary schools). In reaction to the growing demand by schools as well as students, Salmondo has decided to make the full app available for free.

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Sewio offers software and consultation on implementing solutions that enable manufacturers to reduce the risk of spreading infection and to avoid having to shut down production completely. Using UWB location technology, with a single click the company can find out who the person in question has been in contact with and reduce the danger of spread. The company can also immediately test all the other team members whom the infected person has been around.

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SmartBrains has modified its Stammgast which gives communities, schools, and authorities a simple way to communicate with citizens and employees. They can download a digital information card into their phones from Apple Wallet or Google Play. The content of the information card is customizable based on the current needs and situation of each client. All card owners will then automatically see information about any relevant changes directly on the displays of their phones.

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TRILAB designed a new protective shield model on 3D printers. The curved shield provides protection from all directions without compromising vision. The masq adapts to the head shape using the integrated ribs, which easily flex around the forehead. They designed the masq with shipping and storage in mind. A pack of 100 masqs takes up the same space as a box of regular office paper. This saves on shipping costs and protects the environment.

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Other companies and startups offering their help

Oscar Senior

How to protect seniors from getting infected by coronavirus while allowing them to have precious social contact with the world around them? Well, the Oscar Senior app has been taking care of this for years now. It offers a simple and well-arranged user interface that seniors can use to talk with their loved ones face to face via videocalls, to send messages, share photos and images, search online, read messages, and check the weather forecast. Its founder, Tomáš Posker, is now offering two months of free access to the app to agencies providing care for seniors as well as other organizations. has prepared the Scrumie online app. If you want to learn what is happening in your company or team, check Scrumie. Its virtual stand-ups provide all team members with an overview of what things people have been and will be working on. Also, Slack integration is on the way. This tool was expected to launch several weeks from now, but the coronavirus pandemic has sped things up. “Seeing the large number of companies struggling with working from home, meetings, and synchronizing projects, we thought we’d work even harder and release Scrumie now,” explains Nikola Stankovičová on behalf of the entire team. Scrumie is available to any company for free.

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