Knowledge Transfer Partnership International

Take advantage of international students’ knowledge, accelerate the implementation of new innovations in your business and gain international know-how.

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How it works

KTPI is an international project designed to encourage promising foreign graduates, who hold a master’s or doctoral degree, to start a subsidised internship with a South Moravian company.

  1. 1

    Find out if you fulfil the criteria for participation and choose a research organisation

  2. 2

    Put together a project proposal and fill out the application for the grant

  3. 3

    If you succeed, you will sign a contract with JIC and the research organisation

  4. 4

    The international student completes the task you have delegated to him

  5. 5

    The grant is given to you in three down payments

You can find more information in the project manual

The financial sponsor of the project is the Statutory City of Brno

Brno Statutory City of Brno

KTPI in numbers

  • 6-12 months

    is the duration of the foreign graduate’s internship in your company

  • 2 companies

    can succeed in the project and receive up to 1.4 million CZK each

  • 2.8 milion crowns

    is the budget for the Knowledge Transfer Partnership International project

  • 70 %

    of eligible expenses are covered by the grant

  • 1 document

    contained in the PDF form is the application for the project

Conditions of participation

  • For the graduate

    of a master’s or doctoral degree

    • He/she must be a student or a graduate who graduated less than 5 years ago from a foreign research organisation listed on SCIMAGO, in the categories of Higher Education, Government or Health. This organisation must fulfil the conditions of 100 publications in the Scopus database in the given reference year.
    • He/she must have the desired professional knowledge and experience in the given field.
    • He/she must be an employee of the given research organisation and is subject to the company’s management and his/her tutor during the time of the project.
  • For the company

    with headquarters or premises situated in South Moravian Region

    • The company must be a business corporation (a joint stock company, a limited liability company, a general partnership, a limited partnership, a European company, a European economic interest grouping or a cooperative) that runs its business with a trade license.
    • It fulfils the conditions for receiving the grant under the de minimis state aid guidelines

De minimis state aid guidelines

De minimis state aid (or aid of small extent) cannot surpass the sum of €200,000 in the joint ventures. Since July 2014, the limit does not apply to one business, but on a group of joined businesses.   

Schedule of pilot call and important deadlines

Applications submission: 18th February - 30th June 2016
Applications evaluation: 1st July - 31st July 2016
Results of the call 1st August 2016
Projects realisation 1st August 2016 - 30th November 2017

Frequently asked questions

What is KTPI?

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership international (abbreviated as KTPI) is an international project, which connects South Moravian companies with foreign students or graduates of master’s or doctoral degrees. The project is carried out with the assistance and input of a tutor from the student’s research institution. KTPI is a pilot project not only for JIC, but also for the Czech Republic as a whole. 

The partnership is aided by a grant of 2,8 million CZK, which we distribute between two applicants. Each applicant receives a sum of 1.4 million CZK, which covers up to 70% of their eligible expenses.

What is the goal of this project?

This project helps companies from South Moravian Region to gain international know-how from foreign research organisations. A talented student or graduate can accelerate the implementation of new innovations in your business, therefore enabling the company itself to become more competitive in the relevant market.

Who participates in the project?

The main participants in the project are the company involved and a research institution that is listed on SCIMAGO in the categories of Higher Education, Government or Health. The financial donor of the project is the Statutory City of Brno and the agency carrying out the implementation of the project is JIC.

What conditions do I have to fulfil in order to be able to register for the project?

The applicant for the grant in the KTPI project can only be a company carrying out its business with a trade license and with its headquarters or premises situated in South Moravia. The company also has to fulfil the condition of being a business corporation according to the law on commercial companies and cooperatives.  This incorporates the following type of companies: joint stock companies, limited liability companies, general partnerships, limited partnerships, European companies, European economic interest groupings or cooperatives. 

Furthermore, the company has to fulfil the conditions of de minimis aid. 

What is the project proposal supposed to look like?

You should include basic information about the project, the project plan and the time schedule. It’s important to note the goals, expected outputs and impacts of the project, including a description of the expertise you would like to gain from it. A part of the proposal should also be dedicated to describing your team, your management structure and your company’s management as a whole. Please also include an estimated budget according to the expected costs. Please take a look at the annotated version of the Application.

Please make sure to include all of the above, otherwise we would consider it as non-fulfillment of the formal requirements of the application. 

How is the selection of candidates for the subsidy carried out?

We distribute 2.8 million CZK between two applicants.  The successful applicants for the grant will be chosen based on the control of formal requirements of the application and an evaluation of the competence of the candidates. The control is held by JIC and the evaluation is done by a committee of independent experts. You can find more information in the project manual.

How will I know if my application was successful?

All applicants will receive a notification letter. The results will be posted on our website as well. 

What do I have to provide for the foreign graduate?

A foreign student or graduate will be working for you for a period of 6 to 12 months. Therefore, it is necessary that you provide them with a suitable long-term residence permit and fulfil all requirements of labour law, as well as social security and other relevant laws for foreign nationals working in the Czech Republic. 

How do I receive the grant?

Based on the contract of granting the subsidy in the KTPI program, you are obliged to hand in an interim record every three months. One out of three down payments is based on this report:

  • You will receive your first down payment, with a cap on 30% of eligible expenses, after you sign a contract with a research organisation.
  • The second down payment, with a cap on 40% of eligible expenses, will be given to you after we receive the first interim report.
  • You will receive the last down payment, covering the remaining part of the eligible expenses, after the successful completion of the project and after submitting a claim to receive the rest of the grant. Furthermore, you will need to send us a transfer report, a final report, copies of invoices and tax documents, an bank statement and data required for the creation of a case study. 

What are eligible expenses?

We consider the wages of the graduate and his/her tutor and their travelling expenses as the main eligible expenses. Other expenses can be covered by the subsidy with a cap on 10% of eligible expenses.

How to ensure a long residence and a work permit for non EU/EEA nationals?

To ensure a long residence and a work permit for non EU/EEA nationals, it is required to apply for an employee card. The card entitles you to reside in the territory of the CR and, at the same time, to work in the job for which the employee card was issued. You must file an application for an employee card in person at the embassy of the CR with the appropriate territorial jurisdiction. You are only entitled to file the application at the embassy of the CR in the state of which you are a citizen or, if applicable, the state that issued your travel document, or in the state where you have long-term or permanent residence. The process can take up to 60 days. You can find all detailed information on the Ministry of Interior webpage.

You can also use the services and advice from Brno Expat Center.

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