JIC+ is a community of people who own and manage companies


We build long-term relationships and support companies at various developmental stages 

We create a safe environment where people can share experience, transfer know-how, inspire one another, and establish new cooperation 

We support companies not only in relation to business topics

The community gives you

The feeling that you’re not alone in this

In the community there are over 300 people who own or manage a company in the South Moravian Region.

Space for dialogue

In the community we organise 70 events a year to share experience and meet people who are dealing with similar problems.

Community benefits

Thanks to JIC+ you’ll be able to use over 20 partnership benefits.

An overview of what happens at JIC

We regularly inform our members about all JIC news, and about other regional and foreign opportunities.

Safe environment

The community is a place where you can feel free to discuss with other members anything you’re dealing with.

The chance to make yourself visible

What you can do and what you’ve achieved may inspire others, and community members will be the first to know.

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