Protection of intellectual property

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I have to invest in the protection of intellectual property? How much will it cost me? And where do I start? If you’re asking yourself similar questions, solve them with us! We will review your product or service, suggest the best solution and point you in the right direction.

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    We answer the questions

    We use the one-hour consultation to the maximum

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    We help with searches

    We will show you how to verify whether someone else already owns a patent

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    We recommend the form of protection

    We know how to protect your idea in the Czech Republic and abroad

Protection of intellectual property

  • We are independent

    It’s not about profit – we do not recommend that you invest in protection at any cost.

  • We are trained

    Our specialists trained at the Intellectual Property Office.

  • We have experience

    We have been dealing with the protection of technologies, products and services for several years.

  • We are interested in the context

    For the protection of know-how we look at the whole context of your business strategy.

  • Save money

    Do not invest in unnecessary research. Some technology solutions are freely available.

  • Identify the competition

    We advise on how to find interesting information in patent databases.

  • We calculate it for you

    We know the costs of protecting intellectual property and we will calculate if it pays off for you.

  • We advise for free

    We offer a free one-hour consultation always with a clearly defined technological focus.

A one-hour consultation for free

Send us a brief description of your product or service and we will arrange a one-hour consultation with our experts.

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