Innovation navigator is a partnership project between the South Moravia Region and Upper Austria with the goal of promoting small and medium technology businesses in these regions.

Project partners

  • CATT Innovation Management GmbH (Linz, AT)
  • JIC, association of legal entities (Brno, CZ)

Official description of the project

The regions of South Moravia and Upper Austria are technology oriented economies and SMEs play a central role. Due to increasing challenges in the fields of innovation and international exports, it is important for both regions to be focused on the early stages of innovation processes. Not only are these development stages determined to be important factors in success, experience also shows that this is the time when there is the greatest potential for cooperation.

Therefore, the cross-border project Innovation Navigator (INA) has the objective of increasing the competitiveness of the partner regions of Upper Austria and South Moravia through supporting companies in the early stage of the innovation process using the potential synergies of common technological areas and initiating new research and development projects between companies from both regions.

The central idea is a navigation method for SMEs from both regions, which will help them improve/set the strategic innovation process.

Project activities

  1. To test a new methodology developed at the University of Cambridge – T-Plan uses technology roadmapping, which supports technology planning and strategy. Testing by means of workshops involving ten companies from Austria and the Czech Republic. Following the end of testing, the methodology should be added to the offer of services of the project partners.
  2. To prepare a so-called Strategic Roadmap. This will aim to identify and exploit the synergies of common technology areas between South Moravia and Upper Austria and to propose appropriate forms and areas of future cooperation. On their basis, the project partners will initiate new R&D projects between companies/researchers from both regions.
  3. Initialisation of cross-border technology network

Implementation time

  • Project start date: January 2013
  • Project end date: December 2014


  • Total project budget: 446,885 EUR
  • JIC budget in the project: 198,035 EUR

This project is implemented through the programme European Territorial Cooperation Austria – Czech Republic 2007 – 2013, which is co-financed by the ERDF.