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Instruments funding project grants

Are you developing a new technology? Are you interested in cooperating with partners from across Europe on researching innovative ideas? Do you want to quickly launch a product or service on the market? We can help you to apply for international research and innovation grants, mostly within the framework of Horizon 2020 programme.

  • SME Instrument

    Financial and mentoring support for small and medium-sized businesses with innovative projects and global ambitions.

    For individual small and medium-sized enterprises including start-ups.

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  • Eurostars

    Supports international cooperation in applied research and development at the international level.

    For consortiums of at least 2 various-sized enterprises including start-ups and researchs.

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  • Fast Track to Innovation

    Supports companies with innovative products and services and their rapid launch on the market by means of international cooperation.

    For consortiums of 3-5 partners mainly from industry, including large companies

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  • Collaborative consortia in Horizon 2020

    Supports international cooperation of different entities in Research and Innovation activities.

    For consortiums of at least 3 partners from different countries from private, public and non-governmental sectors

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Besides these programmes, our specialists can also help you with other international grant applications including into LIFE, INTERREG and much more.

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