Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) supports the rapid implementation of innovations on the market through cooperation between businesses and research organisations. Mainly large companies are involved which have little or no experience in obtaining European grants. It is the only part of the Horizon 2020 programme which is not industrial sector focused. Good commercial potential of the innovation in your project proposal is the most essential and it must appear on the market no later than 3 years after the start of the project.

Who is the programme for?

A consortium composed of 3 to 5 partners coming from 3 different Member or Associate States of the EU can request support from the FTI.  The following conditions apply:

  • In consortiums consisting of 3 to 4 members, there must be at least 2 industrial partners.
  • In consortiums consisting of 5 members, this minimum number increases to 3. 

Projects are managed by the businesses, to which a minimum of 60 % of the project budget must be allocated or businesses must have a significant representation in the consortium.

What is the amount of support?

Through support from FTI you can cover up to 70 % of the project costs to a maximum amount of 3 million Euros per project.

When and how do I apply?

A description of the technology and business plan is a mandatory part of project proposal.. In preparing the project, do not forget that the innovation must be launched on the market within 36 months of gaining the grant. Submit the finished proposal through the European Commission calls for proposals electronic system anytime during the year. Closing dates are three times a year. 

The next deadline is 31st May 2018 17.00 CET. The following deadline is 23th October 2018 17.00 CET.

How difficult is the preparation?

The project proposal has the character of a business plan and must not exceed 30 pages. You will learn the results within 6 months of the deadline.  


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