Laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC machining tools—all amazing technology, that’s difficult to buy for yourself. That’s where the global network of FabLab digital workshops comes in. FabLabs give DIY enthusiasts, innovators, as well as companies the chance to prototype their products at a fraction of the cost. And this is just one reason why we believe that FabLabs should work hand-in-hand with innovation centres—to bring new ideas to life in an environment where successful companies can flourish from them. But how? That’s what the Fablabia project is here for.


What are the ways an innovation centre and a FabLab can work together? What are the benefits, the risks, and the best practices for getting started? We’ve brought the many years of experience to create a handbook that answers all these questions.
(Handbook available in English only.)

What’s in the handbook?

  • hands-on experience in efficiently connecting an innovation centre and a FabLab
  • tips for long-term, sustainable cooperation
  • the results of an expectation survey provided by over 100 companies
  • examples of successful business plans born in FabLabs
  • tips for various events you can hold in a FabLab
  • examples of local organizations and institutions worth engaging in the project

Who helped create the handbook?

  • JIC Innovation Centre and FabLab Brno
  • Technoport innovation centre from Luxembourg and FabLab Luxembourg
  • brigk innovation centre from Germany and brigk Makerspace

What’s a FabLab?

Imagine a creative space equipped with the most modern machines and devices, where you can come up with new projects and share your ideas with a community of similarly enthusiastic makers. That’s exactly what FabLab is: an open digital workshop centred around prototyping and innovating as well as bringing makers together. There are almost 2,000 workshops in the global FabLab network—over 700 of those in Europe. FabLabs also work with schools, universities, and museums to provide hands-on education. And innovation centres have been discovering their potential as well.

Who does FABLABIA help most?

Innovation agencies that are:

  • interested in giving companies and start-ups access to faster prototyping
  • want to make it easier to create hardware projects
  • looking for a way to engage high school and university students
  • working to improve the visibility of their activities to potential clients

FabLabs that are:

  • searching for ways to reach new users
  • focused on those who take projects seriously
  • interested in building a strong, active community

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Information about the project

Official title of the project:
FabLab as an entrepreneurship supporting tool for business innovation centres

Project partners:


The FABLABIA Project No. 854530 was sponsored by the EU’s Horizon 2020 program focusing on research and innovation.