JIC 120‘‘: Autonomous Vehicles and Security

Thursday, 22 June 2017 14.00–17.00
Purkyňova 649/127,
Brno-Medlánky, 612 00
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Tereza Krpcová

Save the date! The next effective networking for companies and research organizations JIC 120‘‘ is going to be held on June 22nd, 2017. In cooperation with Škoda Auto DigiLab, an innovation lab of a leading Czech automotive company, the event will focus on Autonomous Vehicles and Security. Register for free, meet other participants at the round table and within 120 seconds present your company to new potential business partners.

What is JIC 120"?

Effective networking for companies and research organizations. JIC 120" hosted total of 784 participants from companies and research organizations who gained 2,740 new contacts and established 1224 co-operations. Participants meet at the round tables according to a predetermined schedule. Each representative has 120 seconds to present activities of company/research organization and areas for possible cooperation. Participation in the events is free of charge and each company can be represented by 1 representative only.

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Autonomous driving represents the next challenge for the automotive sector. The established automotive companies are faced with the need to acquire new competences related to data and digtal technologies where artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning are expected to play an increasingly important role. In addition, further advances of technologies that have already made their way to the automotive sectors is also expected. This concerns technologies such as faster and more reliable video and image recognition and processing, more precise navigation technologies and sensors. All these trends are likely to further increase the importance of data and communication safety and security. Many of these technologies are the domain of companies whose traditional focus was outside of automotive.

The purpose of the event is to bring together both the established companies in the automotive sector and technology-intensive SMEs and start-ups in order to stimulate interaction and create fertile ground for their possible collaboration.

Why participate?

  • Learn about the latest technology trends shaping the future market of self-driving cars
  • Get to know companies with expertise that is likely to shape the future of autonomous driving
  • Meet experts on IT security that is likely to play an ever increasing role in the future of autonomous cars
  • Present, discuss and develop new collaborations and project ideas

Who should participate?

We welcome both established automotive companies that are keen to learn about the technologies that will shape the self-driving market and the associated security challenges, as well as technology companies possessing unique know how that has the potential application in autonomous driving and security of cars. The following technologies are of particular interest:

  • Authentication and safe connectivity
  • Video and image processing
  • Visioning, radar / LiDAR technology
  • Night-visioning, infrared and ultrasound
  • Sensors
  • Advanced driver assistant systems
  • Navigation and location technology
  • Speech technology
  • Self-learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning
  • Infotainment


14.00 – 14.30 Registration
14.30 – 14.40 Welcome and organization note
14.40 – 15.10

Keynote Frost&SullivanAutonomous driving: technology and market trends 

15.10 -16.40

Networking (one to one)

16.40 - ?? Informal networking

Keynote speakers

Mubarak Moosa (Frost&Sullivan)

Mobarac photo

Mubarak Moosa has steered more than 80 consulting assignments during his 10 years tenure at Frost & Sullivan.

He has experience in long-term strategy formulation  by focusing on Macro (Mega) trends and the application to the clients business covering wide range of industry such as automotive, urban mobility, connectivity and automotive telematics, logistics and supply chain, energy and off-highway market.

Consults to clients like BMW, Daimler, Nissan, CNH, Ford, Denso, Afton, DB Schenker, Karsan, Hitachi and Investment Firms in the domain of business planning, geo & market expansion, product line strategy, commercial due diligence and competitive benchmarking.


*organizer reserves the right to exclude irrelevant participants

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