Free manufacturing management course in Japan!

Thursday, 26 March 2015
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World Class Manufacturing training mission (WCM) is a 5 day course focused on Japanese methodology of production and it is aimed on manufacturing executives and managers from EU member countries.

What is the goal of the course? Japanese production methods offer the best practice in production, cost deployment, quality assurance and lean production. Japanese manufacturing firms have enjoyed considerable success largely through their adoption. 

Series of workshop and lectures will provide participants with in-depth overview of Japanese manufacturing companies. Part of the course i dedicated to visiting one of the world´s leading manufacturing factories (Toyota), where you can discuss with on-site managers. 

  • When: 29.06.2015 - 03.07.2015
  • Where: Tokyo, Japan

 Who can apply?

  • division directors or industrial directors
  • managers and executives in Operation & Logistics
  • plant managers, directors of Quality and Excellence
  • managing directors in manufacturing companies

Deadline for applications is 26th March 2015.

Course is for SMEs free of participation fee with possibility of 600 EUR scholarship to cover travel and acommodation expenses. Non-SME participants cover 1000 EUR participation fee.

For more information and application from please visit website of EU-Japan Industrial Cooperation Centre.