Supports international cooperation in applied research and development on any topic

Eurostars is a programme supporting knowledge-intensive companies. Financial resources from national and international sources support cooperation between companies, start-ups and research organisations across Europe.  The results are innovative technologies, products and services with global potential, capable of breaking into world markets. Commercialization must be launched within 2 years after the end of a project.  

Who is the programme for?

The Eurostars programme supports international cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises. The topic of the project is not strictly limited. The condition is creation of a consortium between a minimum of 2 enterprises from 2 Eurostars member states. Members of the consortium may also be research organisations or start-ups. The leading partner of the consortium must invest a minimum of 10 % annual turnover into research and development and have at least 10 % of its employees engaged in these activities. 

Small and medium-sized businesses are those which employ less than 250 people. Their annual turnover does not exceed 50 million Euros and the annual balance sheet total does not exceed 43 million Euros.

What is the amount of support?

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports finances Czech participants with up to 60 % of the total cost, up to a maximum amount of 3 million crowns on one project per year. Projects in the Eurostars programme are evaluated at international level and the finance comes from both national and international sources.

When and how do I apply?

The programme closing dates are always in early spring and early autumn. Send a request via the electronic system for the submission of projects available on the Eurostars programme website.

The next closing date is 13th September 2018.

How difficult is the preparation?

Project proposals also contain financial indicators from the last two closed accounting periods, or alternatively, for start-ups, a business plan. Evaluation results are known within 4 months of the closing date.

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