EUREKA is the name of the grant programme and network of European states which have agreed to cooperate. Now, all of their resources – and under their regulations – supports the creation of high-quality innovative products and services with global potential. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports is in charge of the EUREKA programme in the Czech Republic.

Who is the programme for?

A consortium of at least 2 different companies from 2 EUREKA network member states can join the programme. Concentration on industry, nevertheless, does not place a role and members of a consortium can also be research organisations. Before you submit a request for a subsidy, your company must obtain a EUREKA label, which is granted by the international secretariat of EUREKA.

What is the amount of support?

EUREKA helps you cover 50 % of the costs up to a total of 3 million crowns for one project a year. The Czech commission evaluates projects and the money comes from national sources.

When and how do I apply?

The MŠMT regularly announces public procurement, through which you can apply for a grant. This year's deadline for registration has passed, but you can request a EUREKA label at any time.

The EUREKA label request is similar to the application for a subsidy. Send the completed document to the MŠMT and wait for the approval of the EUREKA secretariat.

Download the example application for the EUREKA label

How difficult is the preparation?

Project documentation includes an English project proposal, a Czech version of the project proposal and an agreement on cooperation signed by all the project participants. Project proposals for a public tender should be made on the prescribed forms in both printed and electronic forms. The results are known within approximately 5 months after its publication.

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