Join the world of business with a good idea

A programme for starting entrepreneurs with verified innovative ideas

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Up to 6 months
From an idea to a company
Regular consultations
Brno, CZ


Consultation with the internal team

You will gain a valuable view from the outside and regular care tailored to your requirements. 

Consultations with experts in the field

If you need advice on a specific area, we will connect you to the best in the field.

Access to contacts

Meet investors and other entrepreneurs at JIC events or get in touch directly with specific people.

Support services

Lawyers, a tax adviser and an accountant will help you with the formal aspect of entrepreneurship.


During the programme, you will obtain 3 spots in JIC coworking, the possibility to use the conference room and access to the FabLab.


Start your business in the right direction from the very beginning

Market research

Market and competition analysisIdea verification by potential customers


Business strategyBusiness modelBusiness developmentSales


Cash flowFinancial planningPricing


Target groups and channels through which to reach them


Effective cooperationRoles within the companyRelationship between owners


Reaching out to an investor Setting up cooperationConnection to potential investors

Frequently asked questions

Who can enrol in JIC ENTER?

We welcome every single individual and team with a verified innovative idea, a product or a service that doesn’t have any paying customers yet. Do you want to open a bike shop? The programme is not suitable for you. Do you make bikes using ultralight materials, but are not sure how to start selling? You’re the right person for us! 

For enrolling in the programme, it is not necessary to have a product ready. You just need a prototype, or an idea verified by market research.

What is waiting for me in JIC ENTER?

At the introductory consultation we will find out about the strengths of your project and, on the contrary, where it needs to be moved forward. Based on this, we will put together a programme tailored to your needs and will direct you to the right road towards your first paying customers. You will be meeting internal consultants regularly and our experts will help you deal with specific topics. For the entire time, up to 3 people from your team can make use of the coworking space. You can attend all JIC events where you will get contacts and meet people from the network.

Who will help me with starting a project?

Up to two internal consultants, experts, as well as a lawyer, a tax advisor and an accountant.

How long does JIC ENTER last?

If our cooperation makes sense and keeps moving you forward, it can last up to 6 months.

What happens after the end of JIC ENTER?

It’s all up to you! You may get an investment or found a company, and then we may perhaps meet in the follow-up JIC MASTER programme. Even if not, we will be happy to see you at other events.

When and how can I apply to JIC ENTER?

We assess applications continuously. All you need to do is fill out an online application form and we will contact you with further instructions within a week.

How much does JIC ENTER cost?

You contribute CZK 1,500 CZK a month towards the services of consultants and mentors, workshops, a spot in the coworking space for up to 3 people and other services. In this manner, you help us cover the costs of operating JIC.

Register for the JIC ENTER individual programme!

Fill out an application form and we will contact you within a week. If it makes sense, we will meet in person at a short presentation of your project.

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