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Born to Swim

Brand BornToSwim® exists since 2015. This company produces own swimming needs. BornToSwim wants to help clubs, groups and people to differentiate and become visible not only in a water.


Braci is the designation of the start-up and useful application for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. It captures the sounds of the surrounding environment and informs the user about them by, for example, a message on the screen of a smart phone. The application enables the smart device to become a reliable ear.

Brain Instruments

Brain Instruments provides easy and more effective diagnostics in neurology, psychiatry and psychology ambulances. It offers an objective screening of cognitive and motoric functions based on processing of handwriting or drawing.


Instant marketing person for starting businessmen. Web application BrandSoft enables to starting businessmen to schedule correctly own marketing strategy.


Tool for iOS app developers.


Briskat develops a superfast ad-hoc analytical database 10x faster than other databases. At the same, time their solution can serve thousands concurrent users and thousands of different customer schemas. Briskat´s database is convenient for business intelligence vendors, solution providers and websites with high traffic.


Buildiro is a revolutionary mobile app that helps tradesmen to find local merchants and shop for trade prices. No more stuck in the traffic and high prices.


BurgSys provides software solutions that help companies to decrease costs by intelligent automating their routine work and increase revenues by predicting upcoming events using their historical data.


Panoris product allows automatically record, analyze and live broadcast matches of team sports. The basic features of the system include a fully unattended operation during recording with comparable visual quality to conventional television broadcasting. There is also the possibility of inserting virtual advertising in the broadcast or creating graphical analysis of game situations. The target market of the product are sports teams which want improve their performance through video analysis, as well as television and betting companies providing live streaming of the match to their customers.


Service providing peer to peer transfer of parcels and mail.


CaverSoft develops unique software helping scientists working in protein engineering and in drug and chemical development to quickly and easily analyse and visualise protein structures. This process usually requires experiments that are both time and financially demanding. Caversoft is able to save both expense and weeks of work. Caversoft has a client base including global pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and academic institutions and research centres (commercial and non-commercial).


CCV Information Systems provides comprehensive deliveries in development, consultancy and implementation of logistics solutions (Warehouse Management System or system of inventory control) and enterprise information systems (ERP System), their extended solutions (CRM, Business Intelligence) and other software applications for selected business areas . It specializes in providing solutions for electronic data interchange (EDI / B2B). The company also operates a clearing (Consolidation) Centre ORION, comprehensively ensures paperless circulation of business and logistic documents and develops specialized internet solutions (registries, portals, data warehouses) for the state administration.

CDC Data

CDC Data Company offers services of system integrator for IT infrastructure with an emphasis on providing quality service. The company is headquartered in Brno in the Czech Republic, and employs about 50 employees who work on six separate workstations.


ČEGAN Company Ltd. has been on the market since 1991. The company is engaged in production of plastic moldings up the weight of 4160 grams injection to injection molding machines with clamping forces up to 600 tons in quality system ISO / TS 16949. In addition, it is a producer of technical and design parts for the automotive, electrical and consumer industry in a wide range of materials.

Celebrio Software

Celebrio Software develops smart computer system Celebrio suited especially for seniors. In comparison with other solutions, Celebrio can be used so easily that even unexperienced user can start using it in couple of minutes. It does not require any additional adjustment, maintenance and assistance are automatically provided online. Celebrio placed in TOP 18 projects in worldwide competition Microsoft Imagine Cup in New York. It won first place in Vodafone Idea of the Year in Czech Republic and gained a title of Student entrepreneur of the year 2011.

CF Plus Chemicals

The company CF Plus Chemicals, a chemical-biotechnological ETH Zurich spin-off, offers fluoroalkylation reagents and fluoroalkylated building blocks for use in fluoroorganic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, agrochemistry, material chemistry and biochemistry. The reagent portfolio is focused around Togni reagent and related compounds. Fluorinated organic compounds are nowadays of great importance in design of new drug candidates and development of advanced materials with unique properties.


ChipInvest is a company that specializes in seeking investors and entities able to support the development of new chips and their testing in the Czech Republic. The objective of ChipInvest is to support good ideas from the sector of microelectronics development, as small companies and individual experts have little money for their development.

Chlapská zásilka

Regular and flexible shipments of men's underwear, socks and more every 3 months.


Chromservis is a company focused primarily on the supply of accessories for chromatography and particle sampling in the work environment. The company is divided into two divisions, each the responsibility of product experts: Laboratory Applications (analytical instruments and accessories) and Measurement and Control (detection and analysis of gases, and measurement of physical quantities).


CITIQ focus on development of latest generation wireless monitoring systems that capture and distribute information on what is happening in areas of parking and traffic flow.


Citis is lifestyle shopping application that brings real-time offers from nearby shops. It makes retail easier and shopping more comfortable by personalized connection between merchants and customers.



CleverFarm is cloud application for farm management which serves to records of agronomical activities and watch over so called Compulsory requirements for farming. Application offers monitoring of meteorological conditions, temperature and humidity in space, information about soil moisture and conditions in post-harvest halls. Other modules support creation of variable maps for fertilization or sowing.


CleverMaps company develops unique software that visualizes the business and significantly simplifies the traditional paper agenda. They help their customers make informed decisions, reduce costs and increase the productivity of their business. They focus on projects in the segments of transport, property management and business intelligence. Thanks to the experience in the areas of software development, geodesy and cadastre is CleverMaps leader in its field.


CLEVER°ANALYTICS' empower to easily identify new business potential, optimize the branch network, make better use of loyalty programs or clever allocate marketing budget. Platform solves needs of different types of users from marketing, finance or sales department. By displaying the business data over the map together with sophisticated combination of external sources like population, area information or real estate, it allows you to easily and transparently analyze the state of business and it supports in making the right decision.


Reservation and payment system for fitness trainers and fitness centres.


New generation of hardware and software development environment for IoT, which allows combining individual computer components like Lego.

Code Creator s.r.o.

Code Monocle

Tool for software developers to easily and quickly understand someone elses´s code.

Comprimato systems

Comprimato provides high performance software components (video codecs) to companies who deliver integrated products to clients in areas including media & entertainment, intelligence, space exploration, defense, archives and eHealth. They provide high performance components that have flexibility and total cost of implementation as software with the speed of hardware.

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