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ASN Plus s.r.o.

Astra Motor

ASTRA MOTOR company offers a complete production, development and sharpening of special and standard machine tools. ASTRA MOTOR is one of the largest companies of its kind in the Czech Republic and one of the few in Europeoffering manufacturing accuracy ± 0.001 mm. The company employs 35 workers.

ATEsystem Jablonec s.r.o.

ATEsystem s.r.o. was founded at the beginning of 2013 by a group of specialists with many years of experience in designing and implementing testing, measurement and monitoring systems for industrial production, research and development. The branch office in Jablonec nad Nisou, ATEsystem Jablonec s.r.o., was established in August 2016.

AtomTrace a.s.

AtomTrace has been founded as a start-up from the Central European Institute of Technology in 2014 and since strongly cooperates with this newly born centre of the fields of life sciences, advanced materials and technologies. We have long-term cooperation also with other institutions, such as Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The main goal is the commercialisation of promising technologies that arise from research and development particularly in the field of material analysis by the LIBS technique.


ATRIMA is focused on development, design, production and execution of handling and transport equipment, which is built according to customer requirements. The company’s main products are robots, manipulators and transport equipment. 


Audified is a company specialized in multimedia software and hardware development. It creates audio effects, host applications, audio players, recorders and DSP hardware. We also bring special audio solutions.


Audioprávo is a project aiming to enable education of lawyers in the form of audio recordings that customers can listen to during their journey to work, to court, to the meeting, back home, shortly said, during his “blind time” periods. Audio recordings are targeting on news in the field of law. That contains new court decisions, new changes in laws, legislature proceedings etc. Also, audio recordings will offer expert literature, interviews, audio forms of periodics and more. Usage of audio recordings will save time and improve profits.

Autopark Kyjov

Autopark Kyjov s.r.o. provides comprehensive services for motorists, the sale of nearly-new vehicles, and arranging loans and insurance for purchased vehicles. It also offers service of both older and newer vehicles.
The company also performs mechanical, pneumatic, bodywork and paintwork and specialises in the repair of vehicle electronics and modern diagnostics.

Avanta Systeme

Avanta Systeme spol. s r. o. devoted to construction of assembled wooden construction. This company developed and continue to develop unique system of construction called Avanta Systeme.  This system is combination of technical improvements that are protected by utility patterns and mutual harmonization of single parts of construction. This enable to achieve the best results - houses are quality, technically flawless and economically favorable.

AVAPS s.r.o.

AVAS Colibri

The company AVAS Colibri deal with development and manufactory of hybrid unmanned airplanes which are able to take off perpendicularly and land similarly as multipopters and also forward flight like classic airplane. Hybrid conception enable to unmanned vehicles AVAS Colibri achieve high efficiency and performances during wide spectrum of flights tasks.

Awec Aluminium

Growing company at the market of precision engineering parts primarly for automotive industry. Quality, innovation and complex customer service makes from this company important developmental partner and supplier of aluminum components.


Division B. P. Medical is engaged in the sale and service of instrumentation technology for aesthetic medicine, beauty, cosmetic and massage studios, clinics, plastic surgery, dermatology, fitness, wellness, weight-loss and rehabilitation centers, etc. The company also provides offers the latest generation of devices and constantly draws inspiration from abroad, where several times a year participates in various trade fairs and congresses.


Bamboolik is producer of modern cloth diapers, textile accessories and bamboo clothes for kids and adults. 


Bankovnik.cz is a freemium application which monitors your investments and advises you on how to better evaluate your savings. With us you will always know where to get the highest interest rates and the best value for your money.


Bartering has existed since time immemorial, but companies do not have the ability to implement it quickly and simply. Bartrujeme.sk is a web portal allows exchange, even at a lower price than slow competitors, because we have removed the ineffective middle-man. 

Bastl Instruments

Bastl Instruments is dynamic and community driven company focused on producing hand-made electronic musical instruments. The musical instruments we make mainly spring from the needs we have as musicians and range from tabletop instruments and utilities to modules for eurorack modular systems. We are based in Brno, Czech Republic where we also run a small shop called noise.kitchen .

Be Interactive

Just imagine a Saturday morning, with kids at home, wondering how to spend this weekend … We offer solution for almost a million Czech families – interactive outdoor games for mobile devices, tablets and smartphones. Have a fun, discover and see the world while moving!

BEMETA Design s.r.o.

Bemeta is headquartered in the picturesque village of Žatčany in South Moravia. It was founded thirteen years ago by Mr. Zdeněk Žalkovský. Since that time the company has grown dynamically and currently has 70 employees that share a common goal – to deliver to its customers bathroom accessories of the highest possible quality. Nomination of successful BEMETA Omega product series in the competition ”Gold medal SHK” in the building fair in Brno 2007 is confirmation of our existing course.

Bender Robotics

Bender Robotics works on the development of mobile robots for a wide range of customers (engineering, energy or construction industry, military, health, advertising and marketing, trade fairs and museums and so on). They can be transportation robots for the machine industry, advertising robots in the entertainment industry or robot guides in educational institutions and museums. The company works closely with the scientific staff of the Brno University of Technology.

Best - Business

Best - Business specializes in the production of so-called micro materials, especially silicon carbide for the needs of industrial companies, which deal with machining materials, for example grinding.


BIKEDOO is challenge for each disabled person in wheelchair with desire to live fully. Thanks to its design construction with a powerful electric motor can transform any type of wheelchair into the sports tricycle and supply to that drive for rides into the terrain, town, work or drive with friends. Connection with wheelchair and store for storage is completely easy and fast.


BikerSeason.com is a global service for motorcyclists, which combines interactive route planner with an invite and share system.

Bílek Filtry

Bílek Filty ltd is a czech producer of industrial filters mainly used in viniculture brewing industry and dairy industry. Further, the company solves filtration sanitation in chemical, machine and pharmaceutical industry. The company´s main advantage is ability to design and supply of complex filtration project.


The company offers software tools for chemoinformatics, computerised chemistry and bioinformatics, consultation regarding such software tools, experience and training in the field of professional development of scientific software and services in the field of bioinformatics.


BioTech is a traditional supplier of laboratory equipment and reagents to the Czech and Slovak markets. 


BioTube is a new kiosk that can replace your static information with multimedia content and online management. Your customers or visitors will discover a new level of experience from the provided services. BioTube is your content anywhere.

BioVendor - Laboratorní medicína

Bio Vendor is international biotechnological company with its own research, development, production and sales. Thanks to covering all significant fields of in vitro diagnostics, years of experience with development of products and advanced laboratory automatization the company is able to provide individual solution for every laboratory possible. Bio Vendor cooperates with companies like Siemens and throughout the years acquired three more companies


BitcoinPay is a payment processing platform based on Bitcoin technology. It helps online businesses to achieve a higher turnover and higher margin by providing them with a global payment solution based on Bitcoin technology that lowers their costs and allows them to reach previously unreachable target groups.


BizBox creates tailor made e-shops. It also offers complete solutions for B2B sales and cooperation with wholesalers.

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