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VirtuOSS is engaged in development of virtual technomedical centre for dental diagnostic software data processing and in integration of specialists and special technical equipment through interactive network communication. This solution that enables advanced diagnostics and surgery together with high confidence in performing surgical procedures and significant reduction of duration of treatment is intended mainly for specialized dentists such as orthodontists, implantologists and mandibular surgeons.


VisualGate provides specialized visual communication services. The unique technology of the company enables video-audio-web conferencing virtually with anybody, anywhere in the world.

Vitalvibe s.r.o.

Products of VitalVibe are 100% natural and high organic quality without added sugars, dyes, pesticides, sulfur or oil derivatives.

Vivende s.r.o.

Vivende was founded with the aim of providing comprehensive services for the production of electricity based on Renewable Energy Sources (RES). The company offers Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) with power up to 20 kW, power generators, towers up to 30 m, water ogygenarating. Our company offers also project management and projects preparation. Our proposal allows the average agriculture company, small enterprises and households to meet their electrical needs and become independent from traditional energy suppliers. Our products and in this our wind turbines can be installed in heavily urbanized areas. They can be mounted on the roofs of various structures as well as mounted on specially prepared masts or tower.


Vkladej.cz is an online tool for bulk insert ads on ad servers. If you want to advertise on more ad servers, but don't have the time to fill in lots of different forms or you don't know where to advertise - it's enough to advertise once on Vkladej.cz The automatic system will send your ad out to 70 ad servers in a few minutes on your behalf.


Vronli (Servis Na Klik)

Vronli provides online technical support outsourcing. High-quality technical support increases the satisfaction of our customers and their loyalty to the brand. Thanks to their product "Servis Na Klik", they help to remove the gap between IT professionals and end users.

VUP Medical, a.s.


Activity of the VUVL company Inc. is focused on the production of precision machinery parts using technology of chip machining including finishing grinding technology. These include parts for following machinery units – parts and components of machine tools, drives and motors, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, pumps, turbines, couplings, engines, etc. VUVL can provide installation of mechanical assemblies and subassemblies. Most of the parts are manufactured as repeated unit production or small batch production. We work with both conventional as well as with some special materials – steel alloys, aluminum and duraluminum alloys, copper alloys, stainless steel alloys, various plastics, etc. Due to cooperation provides all forms of heat treatment and surface treatment such as annealing, quenching, tempering, refining, carburizing, nitriding, phosphating, surface hardening, plating, nickel plating, zinc plating, blackening, anodizing

VVS Eurocapital

Engineering and business company that specialises in the sale of licenses for patented systems of gear toothing on toothed wheels. Among the advantages of the innovative solution is lower noise, structural elasticity and reduced vibrations. The company and the patents are from Russia.


The WATERSAVERS company specialises in the development, production and sale of water consumption economisers. The company's product portfolio includes anti-scale water-saving aerators, flow regulators for showers, automatic WC STOP, anti-scale shower heads and other products. Products of the Watersavers company can save 20 % to 40 % of the overall water consumption. Its products are particularly suitable for establishments with high consumption of hot water – hotels, pools, sport centres, big companies, schools, etc.


Wavie developed a system that manages the lighting and damping of light by hand gestures. 


Internet access via mobile phones is still growing and in a few years it should outstrip access via traditional computers. Web4Mobi targets companies which do not have websites optimised for viewing on mobile phones. Web4Mobi’s service helps convert and optimise websites to appropriate mobile formats. 


Webprogress provides complex services in the field of website design, webdesign, administration system, intranet, e-shops, development of applications etc. Company was in a incubator with navigation device for blind called RF Guide, which works on the basis of RFID technology. The device can be used especially indoors, where GPS does not help.



Westcom has developed and operates a unique service, Webnode, which allows the creation and management of Web pages without any technical knowledge of programming. Westcom received for it's Webnode project an award for the second best internet project of 2008 at the biggest web technology conference in Europe, Le Web, and has significant international investment from the Swiss Investor, Centralway Holding. The company focuses on providing services in the area of Web hosting, server hosting, management of external information technology, design, and development IT services in the area of Web technologies.


Whalebone aggregates sources of information about internet threats to effectively protect systems against malware and phishing, and offers open and cost-effective solutions in comparison with existing black boxes.

World From Space

World From Space creates simple and comprehensible information from satellite date. E. g. mobile app about the current status of fields for farmers.


Wireless Strain Measurement. Wireless device which allows the mechanical components to be strained using strain gauges in a non-destructive way.


Y Soft

The scope of business of the Y Soft company consists in the research, development, production and sale of the YSoft SafeQ solutions that help companies lower their printing costs and improve printing comfort. The SafeQ product has by now become a synonym for cost savings and printing and copy protection in several countries of the world. Václav Muchna, co-owner of the Y Soft company, won the Czech Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2006. This award is a part of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

ZAKO TURČÍN, spol. s r.o.

ZAKO Turcin was established in 1996 and it is a modern engineering family-owned enterprise based in southeast Moravia near the town of Zlin. For many years, this region has been known for its high-level engineering production on which our company is also built. 

ZAKO TURČÍN, spol. s r.o.,

Zelinger plast s.r.o.

Zemský Rohatec

The company is a partner for the supply and installation of water management technologies, energetics and food industry. The realization of the work is ensured, including construction works, wiring and ASŘTP - these are mainly water treatment plants, pumping stations, wastewater treatment plants, boiler rooms, technological lines in the food industry and so on.


A mobile application helping people change their lifestyle over a long period of time.


Zlomek s.r.o. is a family company specialising in the production of high-quality interior doors and door frames. Production is located in two plants and the company has sales offices throughout the Czech Republic as well as its own shops in Brno, Břeclav and Bratislava.


Znalomat.cz connects people eager to learn and improve, and those who can help them. You can simply find any specialist you are looking for. Consulting, training and mentoring will then take place through an online video chat linked to the payment gateway.

ZOOM mobile

The ZOOM mobile company came to the mobile phone market with a novel product: magnifying glass for mobile phone displays. The ZOOM lenses are intended for mobile phone users who have trouble reading tiny characters on phone displays. This simply and highly effective accessory will make it easier for people who normally have to rely on their reading glasses, every time their phone rings.

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