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LESIKAR provides services in the field of science, development, research, production, installation and repair of electrical machines and devices, electronic and telecommunication equipment.


Application for letter/symbol design based on the principles of pen drawing, i.e. with help of the base stroke, width and shape of the pen. ....


Lexical Computing is a research company set up by Adam Kilgarriff in 2003 in the UK. Operates in the areas of corpus and computational linguistics. The main product is a query tool Sketch Engine - a web application, tool for processing and working with text corpus. The local branch cooperates with the Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University.


LIFETECH is an innovative Czech company which designs, manufactures and produces ozone generators and UV reactors for water and air disinfection. LIFETECH also exploits the potential of AOP. The products are made in the European Union. The company offers an exceptional technical expertise.



Loyagram is a cloud based, real-time customer experience management & analytics platform which help businesses to capture actionable customer feedback across different touch-points through offline, online and social channels, proactively reducing churn to increase retention & revenue. Loyagram measures customer experience and tracks loyalty.

LPS Automotive

Company produces a wide range of precision moldings and a special thermoplastic materials filled with glass fiber, full colored granulates or in combination with various additives. It offers and successfully carries out installation of moldings and purchased parts to wholes.


The LTR mission is to replace humans with robots in situations where human life is in significant danger. The first product of the company is the robotic system Orpheus-AC, which is intended of special military research especially in unknown and potentially very dangerous areas. LTR is a spin-off of the Brno University of Technology and builds on the decades of experience of the founders in development and production of robotic systems in cooperation with the university.


Tool for flexible data analysis.

MachineLOG IT

System MachineLOG IT is service system for technical equipment of companies. 

Mail komplet

The Mail Komplet system is a tool for comprehensive implementation of email marketing. It brings a number of tools which can be used to increase the effectiveness of email campaigns or for analysing data from websites. The aim of the project is to offer services which will help sell a product and thus earn more money.

Mapa akcí

A map of events which are held in Czech republic.


MAPOi a. s. is a member of the MAPO Group which focuses on innovative approaches. The company targets its activities to healthcare in its state-of-the-art concept that today's available technology offers.


MARWEL was established in 2002. We produces and sells concrete drains, cover and eclipse plates for power lines and mast poles. The company operates own production facility and rented production facilities.


Math can be fun for both children and teachers.


Mautilus is a software company that is engaged in the development of custom-made solutions for Smart TV Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Philips; for game consoles and also for all mobile platforms and tablets as Androind, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone/Windows 8. The most important type of developed applications are multiscreen TV and mobile clients for OTT (Over-The-Top) video solutions.


The MEDUSE DESIGN manufactures luxurious water pipes using its own technology and numerous technical improvements and focusing on unique design. The manufacturing process follows the tradition of handicrafts, such as smithcraft or manual glass blowing.


Merebit focuses in research and development in the field of measurment, automatization and robotization in medicine and life sciences. Thanks to own laboratories, electronic and CNC workshop they can offer services including prototype development, custom development and small batch production. Employees of the company participate in research and teaching at Masaryk University and Brno University of Technology.


Mgr. Petr Stavinoha

Petr Stavinoha provides technical support for the sales of chemicals and laboratory equipment for BDL Czech Republic, which offers new analytical methods in development of non-standard laboratory equipment.


The Microset develops and manufactures a wireless system for remote control of NiSSOT lighting – (Nový Inteligentní Systém Spínání Osvětlovacích Těles – new intelligent switching system for lighting appliances), or NiSSOT. The NiSSOT patented switch located underneath a doorknob makes switching lights as simple as possible. Users may control one lighting unit from just any number of places, for example to illuminate a hallway from four different rooms, or they can illuminate more rooms or switch several lights from one place. Another plus of this device is that wiring does not need to be run in walls. The company won the National Design Award and the Grand Prix award at the Habitat fair for this product. This product is particularly suitable in new or renovated buildings.

MioWeb 2.0

By using MioWeb it is possible to build modern responsive websites and start to sell online within hours. It consists of features that will boost your online marketing and sales. It also integrates emailmarketing as well as online sales apps.


MIRIS specialises in research, development and application of bladeless turbines that can be operated with all usual fluids (liquids and gases) with minimal pressure gradient. Their structural simplicity along with very favourable performance characteristics enables various applications of this technology. Thanks to their unique characteristics it is possible to assemble equipment of an unusually simple design, efficient and reliable. Products that are based on this patented technology include, for example, small hydroelectric power stations, sprinklers and irrigation systems, brush sets or pool vacuum cleaners.

Moonlake Web Services

Company builds complex e-shops connected to accounting systems, as well as the internet portals with the ability to create web catalogs or representing your company. It delivers full-service solutions for all areas of Internet business, including Internet marketing.

Mothiva CZ

Company operates on the market since 2007 and it is among top suppliers of software applications and systems for smart mobile devices. It develops and runs Moscrif platform for coding, management and distribution of cross-platform solutions for tablets and smart phones. Company is not focused only on development but also on implementation and support of specialized systems for mobile devices.


An application enabling its users to have their own online nutrition advisor.


MPR Valves

European manufacturer of process fittings specializing in an innovative product KINEVA.


Motoshop and e-shop offers moto accessories of brands Louis, Modeka, LS2, Gaerne, Nolan, Tryonic, Shield, Cycle Spirit, KBC, Airoh, Caberg, Roleff, Highway1, Helda and many others.

MySpectroom, s.r.o.

Online video playlist management on steroids.

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