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4dot Mechatronic Systems

We create technologies aiming for sustainable industry. As a technological start-up on the middle grounds between machinery and IT, we have created unique machine diagnostics. We provide solutions and services for technical status monitoring of manufacturing machines.


3D wax pen.


Adwitech deals with strain gauge measurements at stationary and moving parts; wireless temperature measurement at moving parts.

Affini Creative


We are helping people and their acquaintances who lives in different countries to find alternative meeting places with favorable tickets. That saves them money and time and we will allow them to discover new cultures and experiences.


This device improves quality of life of their users by two modes - purifying drinking water and creating Active water - water with dissolved active oxygen which works as ecological disinfection.

AVAS Colibri

The company AVAS Colibri deal with development and manufactory of hybrid unmanned airplanes which are able to take off perpendicularly and land similarly as multipopters and also forward flight like classic airplane. Hybrid conception enable to unmanned vehicles AVAS Colibri achieve high efficiency and performances during wide spectrum of flights tasks.


BIKEDOO is challenge for each disabled person in wheelchair with desire to live fully. Thanks to its design construction with a powerful electric motor can transform any type of wheelchair into the sports tricycle and supply to that drive for rides into the terrain, town, work or drive with friends. Connection with wheelchair and store for storage is completely easy and fast.

Brain Instruments

Brain Instruments provides easy and more effective diagnostics in neurology, psychiatry and psychology ambulances. It offers an objective screening of cognitive and motoric functions based on processing of handwriting or drawing.


Instant marketing person for starting businessmen. Web application BrandSoft enables to starting businessmen to schedule correctly own marketing strategy.


Tool for iOS app developers.


Briskat develops a superfast ad-hoc analytical database 10x faster than other databases. At the same, time their solution can serve thousands concurrent users and thousands of different customer schemas. Briskat´s database is convenient for business intelligence vendors, solution providers and websites with high traffic.


Buildiro is a revolutionary mobile app that helps tradesmen to find local merchants and shop for trade prices. No more stuck in the traffic and high prices.


Service providing peer to peer transfer of parcels and mail.



Reservation and payment system for fitness trainers and fitness centres.

Code Monocle

Tool for software developers to easily and quickly understand someone elses´s code.


Datamatic i a Google app that allows you to create and publish attractive data visualization. It offers many templates, different styles, easy data input as well as a sofisticated editor. Data visualizations are published online easily in one click.

DressMe Technologies, s.r.o.


Manufacturing and on-demand adjustment of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) for clients who have a need to collect data from atmosphere.


Futupilot is a bike sharing company. You can ride a bike, operate bike-sharing in your city or invest in the bike-sharing ecosystem.

FWE Flare

NATOORA project offers the easiest way to the producers of local food products.


HappyLine makes a visit of the restaurant an easy and fun experience. With their solution you can order and pay for the meal with a mobile application.

Harangi Sound


HEKIADEU, , Ltd.  is small biotechnology company providing development services in the field of utilization of nanomaterials in biology related to the nanomaterial design, preparation, toxicity, targeting and specific application.  Therefore the main strategy of HEKIADEU, Ltd. is distribution of scientific and research results into practice.

HIRDEA Materials s.r.o.


In Service

Project In Service aims to give people an extra hour off every day for things they like. In Service takes care of all activites that people don't or can't to do. In Service wants to achieve it by platform that will allow simple and safe ordering this activities like services from other people. 

Inteligentní závlahový systém


ITea4you are career counselors specialized in the field of IT. They help students and other IT enthusiasts to build their careers, so that the first job was their dream job. They organise lectures, courses, provide consulting in the field of HR and IT and the opportunity to gain experience. They experienced firsthand the shortcomings of the current agencies and are convinced it can be done differently.

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