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Production and development of 3Dprinters. Distribution of printing materials and services connected to the rapid prototyping technology.

3Dim Laboratory

3Dim Laboratory is a producer of computer and real 3D models of human tissue, which can be used for planning special operations on specific patients and for the accurate shaping of cranial implants. Thanks to the CranioForm system, doctors are able to model the missing part of the cranium directly in the operating theatre and to implant it during the operation itself.

4dot Mechatronic Systems

We create technologies aiming for sustainable industry. As a technological start-up on the middle grounds between machinery and IT, we have created unique machine diagnostics. We provide solutions and services for technical status monitoring of manufacturing machines.

ABBAS a. s.

Able.cz s.r.o.


ACEMCEE operates in the field of web services development to support the organisation of professional events (conferences, training, congresses and trade fairs) and the creation of applications for modern mobile platforms. The main product is the Takeplace system, a comprehensive web solution for the effective organisation and presentation of events and the creation of a virtual professional community. Universities and centres of higher education or training and consultancy firms are typical users of this solution.


3D wax pen.

ADLER Czech, a.s.


The ADM (Advanced Dental Materials) company focuses on development, production and sales of advanced dental materials. They are produced using technology originally developed for the aeronautical and astronautical industries. The development of these patented dental materials, with the tradename Dentapreg, involved a team of professionals from the University of Connecticut under the leadership of Prof. Josef Jančář from the Chemical Faculty of Brno University of Technology. Dentapreg can be used for example for dentures and for strengthening temporary bridges, which means that already healthy teeth do not have to be further damaged.


Advecoplas is technological spin-off of Masaryk University whose purpose is commercialization of newly patended plasma technology, which was discovered in research centrer CEPLANT. Advecoplas received by European Commission a prestigious award Seal of Excelence in the framework of the project Horizont 2020.


Adwitech deals with strain gauge measurements at stationary and moving parts; wireless temperature measurement at moving parts.

Affini Creative

Air Technology

Air Technology manufactures and supplies modern air-conditioning systems which provide warm and cold air, regulate air flow and take care of overall energy management. The company produces precision air-conditioning units and provides air-conditioning services including development, reconstruction and maintenance.  


Company provides car as a service. It is an alternative to car ownership and ultimate goal is to become a provider of new mobility, based on autonomous cars.

AJOB Práce a brigády v zahraničí

The company maintains and operates the AJOB.cz server where people can find information on job opening and conditions abroad, which includes selected job opportunities and part-time jobs in Europe and the Czech Republic, links to some foreign servers, discussion boards, practical experience, articles etc. This young and dynamic company is present on the Czech market since 1999. This agency provides professionals and unskilled workers from the Czech Republic and foreign countries, as well as from foreign countries to the Czech Republic.


The AJP-TECH company sells industrial sensors. It designs, manufactures and supplies complete lines for the testing and checking of products and lines for product labelling. Furthermore, it develops and manufactures special products and sensor accessories for industrial production.

AKTIVIT, spol. s r.o.

Engineering company Aktivit located in Novy Bor succesfully provides engineering, designs, produces and supplies higly sofisticated products over twenty years. The products made to customer's measure are dedicated mostly into the automotive industry – assembly lines and assembly stations, end line testers, gantry loaders into the tooling machines, automatic cleaning machines, special manipulators and deburring machines.


ALIS-Tech is a team of developers who have built a complex system called ALIS for localization and monitoring staff, materials, technology among other things.

Altech, spol. s r.o.


We are helping people and their acquaintances who lives in different countries to find alternative meeting places with favorable tickets. That saves them money and time and we will allow them to discover new cultures and experiences.

Alumistr SE

The company Alumistr SE produces aluminum systems for construction, especially railing construction and glazing systems for balconies and loggias. Alumistr SE offers systems in frame or frameless performance. Construction of gazebos, winter gardens, shelters of family houses, interior glazed walls and tramsoms, atypical constructions of aluminum profiles are also part of manufacturing process.


AMV Technics

The AMV Technics company specializes in the development, manufacture and service of its own medical equipment used for infusions (injection pumps, volumetric pumps, ambulatory pumps, enteral pumps), as well as in job-order manufacturing of high-precision parts on turning-lathe and milling five-axis CNC machining centres, or in the complete serial production of special apparatuses for chemical laboratories. Secondary activities include development and production of electronics and creation of software for the operation of motors in special applications.


ANAMET s.r.o. offers instrumentation for laboratories, research facilities and for measuring on-site. We supply the Czech and Slovak markets with top-quality instruments from foreign companies (we represent more than 30 companies). For all supplied equipment we provide tailor-made solutions, guarantee and post-guarantee service including spare parts and consumables.

Ants&Bees s.r.o.


APAMA manufactures printed circuit boards (PBC). From design to advice, production engineering, production itself, delivery of printed circuit boards up to their mounting. They provide both in large-lot production and tailor-made single piece production.


APPEC Group is the leading producer of vertical packaging machines and the exclusive manufacturer of multihead weighers in the Czech Republic. Since 1998 they have been exporting packaging technologies.


This device improves quality of life of their users by two modes - purifying drinking water and creating Active water - water with dissolved active oxygen which works as ecological disinfection.


ARTIN is a company that provides professional services in the fields of software development and integration, quality assurance, support and consultation.

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