#chcipodnikat: Becoming an entrepreneur

Pondělí 17. února 2020 16.30–Čtvrtek 27. února 2020 20.00
Purkyňova 127,
Brno-Medlánky, 612 00
Akce JICPro studentyPro začínající podnikatele


Lenka Gábrišová

Do you have a business idea but do not know how to start a business? Or do you want to validate if your project has a chance of succeeding on the market? Apply for a 5-evening course from #chcipodnikat (#iwanttodobusiness) series – suitable for all who need help with starting their own business. After going through these seminars, you will get answers to all the questions related to starting a business as well as clearly defined business plan and you will know how to work with it. For the first time ever the program will be held in English.

The course will answer these questions

  • Do I really want to be an entrepreneur? And do I want to start a business with this particular idea?
  • What do I want to do?
  • Who will be my customers? Which problem do I solve for them?
  • What value do I deliver to the customer?
  • Is the market interested in my product? And what does the market look like for my product?
  • Can I present my business understandably?

All you learn during the course are tools and methods that can be used for different ideas or projects in the future.

Who can apply?

Series of courses for all who have an idea, but first want to validate it, or do not know how to get started. It is suitable for all types of projects in the idea stage. Participant should attend all parts of the course to get the most out of it. Whole program will be held in English only and the participants will need to listen as well as speak English the whole time. There is a limited number of participants. Once your application is processed, we will send you an email within few days to let you know if we count on you for the event and send you further information.

#chcipodnikat schedule:

  • Day 1 (17. 2.): Lean Canvas, Key Message
  • Day 2 (18. 2.): Secondary market research, Finance
  • Day 3 (24. 2.): Customer, Value Proposition
  • Day 4 (25. 2.): Primary market research
  • Day 5 (27. 2.): Action plan, Strategy

* The course takes place every day from 4:30 PM to 8 PM

Price for the whole course is 500 CZK (We'll send you payment instructions once we receive your application)


The course will be led by lectors from JIC and their guests who help early stage entrepreneurs and startups to start and grow their business. You can look forward to Hanka Šudáková who led international accelerator JIC STARCUBE for several years, Jakub Bůšek who will guide you through primary market research, Barbora Zemanová who will teach you how to get to know your market, how to plan effectively and how to pitch your idea, and Mirek Londýn who will guide you through financial planning.


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